In recent years, many studies have been published that have linked the use of cannabis to increased incidences of schizophrenia, particularly among the young. However, CBD has not been adequately studied in humans. Research has shown, however, that CBD can actually prevent some of the harmful effects of cannabis, and is not the primary reason why cannabis users become ill. CBD isolate or “CBD-only” products are a type of medical marijuana product that contains only pure CBD.


CBD isolate is a crystalized, powdered or liquid form consisting of pure CBD. It’s different from other CBD products, which may legally contain up to 1% THC in them. To make CBD-only products, manufacturers typically use several different processes to isolate the compounds and other elements from the cannabis plants, including THCA (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), CBC (cannabinol) and CBN (cannabimimetic acid).

Because there is no scientific proof to support the idea that CBD does anything for treating schizophrenia, manufacturers continue to advertise their products as containing the compound. But that is just not the case. Although CBD has not been proven to be a cause of schizophrenia, most studies have shown that CBD can actually reduce some of the adverse effects of the drug.

Many people use medical marijuana because it relieves much of the pain and discomfort associated with chronic illness, such as cancer, HIV, MS and AIDS. However, the CBD does not work exactly like prescription medications do, because it does not contain any type of pharmaceutical properties. What broad spectrum CBD does do is to counteract some of the adverse effects of cannabis by activating the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids are chemicals in the body that help to regulate a wide range of activities such as appetite, sleep, mood and memory.

As you can imagine, different types of drugs, particularly those with harsh side effects, will have different effects on the body. There are also many potential problems associated with combining a medicinal substance with the drug of your choice, such as the fact that CBD is considered a Schedule I drug, which makes it illegal to possess, buy or sell. {in most cases. The only CBD isolate product available to legally purchase is called “The CBD Haze”. This product is produced by a company in California that distributes its products in pharmacies.

While medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular, there is some concern about the potential side effects and interactions between the two. With so many different products available, how can a person decide which one to use? Some studies have suggested that when used in conjunction with certain prescription medications, it may lead to more serious side effects, while others suggest that when used alone, the CBD does not have any long term adverse effects.